Clubmed-Foods-Final-Logo-SmallWe started this company in 2012 in order to bring the most delicious Mediterranean foods to broader audience than we could reach just through our Eugene based restaurants.

Greek cuisine dishes - Greek salad, choriatiki, halloumi, tzatziki

ClubMed Foods uses those age old, traditional recipes to make all of our products taste like they truly are supposed to!

Garlic HummusClubMed Foods was created to help showcase our family brand called Casablanca’s Local Kitchen a premium producer of high quality Hummus (in four delectable flavors), Baba Ghanouj and Tzatziki.

8oz Traditional Hummos

All of our products are all natural, have no preservatives and are made by the owners weekly.

cafe soriahWe are a family owned and operated company based in Eugene, Oregon. The award winning restaurant Cafe Soriah, started by my father, carries on our family tradition of food preparation that my grandmother used. Ib